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Laminate your Fabric

Laminating Makes Woven Fabrics Virtually Carefree

Americlear Fabric Lamination Provides Ultimate Protection

Don’t shy away from using decorator fabrics in high-use areas. Instead, protect favorite fabrics with Americlear lamination. This superior, heat-set technique applies a translucent film to woven material to create a long-lasting laminated fabric that never needs washing. Spot cleaning with soapy water removes everyday grime and most stains.

Americlear lamination comes in matte or glossy finishes that can make fabric colors appear richer and more vibrant. For greatest stain resistance, laminate the front of the fabric. Back of fabric lamination is also available for creating a good moisture barrier. As for durability, in abrasion tests Americlear lamination exceeds the highest standards for heavy duty textiles with no wear-through of the film.

Lamination may not be suitable for certain weaves, textures and patterns. We recommend ordering a sample Americlear lamination to ensure you like the results.

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